vb6 app –> .NET COM lib –> webservice

Are you calling a .NET COM library through aVB6 project and that .NET library should call a webservice but it’s not working? Have you checked if your application can find the settings for the endpoint?
When you reference a webservice in your Visual Studio the binding information to the endpoint is set in the app.config file if it’s not a website you’ re building. This app.config file needs to be renamed when you set it operational. So if your project is called MyProject, like: MyProject.exe.config, it should be placed in the same folder as the executable.
Unfortunatly the same thing goes for your VB6 project. Everytime you want to test your project, you need to make an executable. The config file needs to be places in the exact same spot at the .exe and must be named the same. So again, if your project in VB6 is called project1, you should name it: project1.exe.config. Dubbelclick on the .exe to test it, you can’t test nor run it in the VB6 environment.
Remember that Although the .NET lib needs to know where it’s config file is, it’ ll look in the folder of the executing assembly. Which is the VB6 application in this case.


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