Daily Scrum first event that gets scrapped!


In my role as Scrum Master I explained the game rules of Agile Scrum to my Development Team. One of the rituals I had to introduce were the Daily Scrums. An event of max. 15 min. where only the Development Team speaks and answers 3 questions each: What did I do yesterday, what am I going to do today and are any impediments? It should be held on a fixed time, every day. We all probably know the rules, but…


This is the first question you’ll hear and it is a very good question in an empirical process. Because people are bad at working in a team is the simple answer. Read for example this excellent post: https://hbr.org/2009/05/why-teams-dont-work But if a team works the value you get from the collaboration is invaluable (http://www.the-happy-manager.com/articles/why-is-teamwork-important/). There are more arguments why teams don’t work, but the first two I’ve read are problems with “coordination” and “motivation”.

If you meet each other every day at 10:00 am and own up as a team to the work that is done and the work you will do to achieve a common goal (the Sprint Goal), it will have a positive effect on coordination and motivation. On the task board you coordinate with each other who will do what. And getting post-its across the swimming lanes towards “done” motivates people greatly as they unite themselves under a common Sprint Goal. It promotes the three pillars of an empirical process: Transparency, Inspection, Adapt.

If you drop the Daily Scrum you will have to coordinate work in between tasks you do for the Sprint. Would you rather know exactly when you coordinate work with the rest of your team, or be interrupted during a complex task? And what if John synchronized work with Jack and Betty, but Anna and Bob weren’t in the room? There will be more synchronisation moments than one of 15 minutes every morning at 10 am. And what effect do you think this will have on the team’s morale when John always meets up with Betty, but not with Anna? Plus no one can tell for sure if the team is still on the Sprint Goal. In other words, you are missing out on an important moment where you can accomplish Transparency, which you can Inspect and Adopt on.


I don’t recommend scrapping the Daily Scrum and I am not alone in this. In fact, if you scrap this important event of the framework you are NOT doing Scrum. Period. Is it not allowed to meet up in between ever? Of course that is allowed! But meeting up on a fixed time every day promotes less synchronization in between. And that is a good thing!


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