Why I started this blog

Synopsis: I’d like to take  a break from all the heavy subjects and write my thoughts down why I started this blog in the first place. And perhaps you will get your hands itchy to start one too. Who knows? I wrote this blog for three reasons mainly:

  1. Learning
  2. Sharing
  3. Marketing


1. Learning

I learned the hard way that if I just kept reading books in a row and watching an-hour-long YouTube video’s and then not really use it in my day to day work I would lose a lot of gained knowledge. This is immensely wasteful. Basically a crime to oneself really (stealing hours of your life). I discovered that making the simplest examples possible of the problems I was trying to solve or explain them to colleagues of mine would actually help me tremendously with understanding and learning. The next logical step for me was to deposit all this knowledge in a  repository, e.g. a blog. And I just started doing that and discovered that it is even better if you try to explain it to other people all over the world with a varying  degree of knowledge. I am learning really fast now and applying it in my job every day.

2. Sharing

Next to the fact that sharing it with other people will make you learn faster (because it forces you to view the material at different angles and write it out in a clear and concise manner), I also discovered I just simply love sharing knowledge. I feel I owe a lot to our beautiful community and wish to pay it back in my small own way. If I can ignite a  spark in just a  few other developers to start logging their solutions to problems, we will make sure as a community that internet stays our number one resource for free knowledge. Plus I am  a  fairly opinionated guy, so this is also an ideal platform for me to release my thoughts and opinions into the world. I know my imperfections hehe… But versus this imperfection I find one of my greatest  perks to be that I can handle feedback and critique very well. I am always hoping a meaningful discussion will be held in the comments to benefit us all.

3. Marketing

Even though the demand for developers is still bigger than the supply, it is still a universal fact that top positions are fulfilled by the cream de la cream of the developers community. If you do not share this ambition, then you are fine where you are at. But if you need a central and easy accessible spot where you can showboat to a potential employee what you are capable of, a blog can be ideal for this. Couple a code repository like GitHub to your blogs and you can even back it up with code.


These  are the main three reasons in order of importance to me. So why exactly “Agile design patterns & principles in .NET”? It combines everything that occupies my headspace  at the moment. I am a firm ‘believer’ (it is starting to feel like a religion for some people) of Agile Scrum and I am spellbound by all the practices you need to master in order to achieve ‘perfection’ (when will this be achieved?). From your codebase (SOLID principles and good design patterns) to the Application Lifecycle Management (Continuous Integration etc.). I feel like a green grasshopper at the dojo of Agile software development and I am taking readers along on my journey.

Have I sparked  something inside you? Then I can definably recommend this free e-mail course:  http://devcareerboost.com/blog-course/ by http://simpleprogrammer.com (John Sonmez author of Soft Skills: The Software Developer’s Life Manual). If you start blogging then all I can say is: Bon voyage!

About Danny

Bachelor in Commercial ICT MCTS Winforms .NET 2.0 MCTS ASP.NET 3.5 PSM I
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