New Job + published in magazine!

To whom it may concern.

It has been difficult to achieve my target of 1 blogpost per 2 weeks because of various reasons. Luckily these reasons are all… Really awesome! So I thought I’d share it with whoever is interested. Here we go:

  1. I have been very busy with arranging things for… Dramatic pause… My new job! Per 1 November I am going to work at Sound of Data ( who are responsible for complex software like mass voting systems of, for instance, The Voice (of Holland)/Junior Eurovision Song Festival . For this job I need to dive in to the world of distributed systems with messaging architectures (like MSMQ/NServiceBus) and similar technologies. I am really excited, but really busy right now because of this.
  2. I finished an article about Dependency Injection and Interception (AOP) just before my holiday, and as I was ready to post it I had the opportunity to have it printed in a magazine first! How awesome is that? This means however that I am allowed to post it online after the magazine has been released (which I will do in a week). This also means I didn’t have time to wrap up a new post for my bi-weekly update. So again, a magazine is going to publish my article! If you can read Dutch you can find this magazine here:
  3. I have been on vacation in August. If my wife would’ve seen me writing about work-related stuff she would’ve ripped me a new one! So, couldn’t do anything but relax… How sad for me. 😉

So I hope I will be able to frequently publish a post again. I am going to try. The next post should be about how Dependency Injection makes your Unit Testing life easy (with XUnit/NSubstitute), and after that I want to do one about lifetime management with IoC Containers (like Unity). At least you know what is keeping me busy right now, thank you for your continued interest.


About Danny

Bachelor in Commercial ICT MCTS Winforms .NET 2.0 MCTS ASP.NET 3.5 PSM I
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4 Responses to New Job + published in magazine!

  1. Ramon says:

    Dubbelop gefeliciteerd kerel! Keep up The good work.

  2. Jordi Tukker says:

    Wat gaaf dat je artikel is opgenomen in SDN magazine! Good busy 🙂
    Nu al zin in 1 november!!



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