About a little Dutch .NET developer

I’m Danny and my buildyear is 1983. I’m born and raised in The Hague, The Netherlands. I am married and have two kids. I love my job, which is developing cutting edge software solutions for customer care at Sound of Data.

You can check out my LinkedIn page: https://nl.linkedin.com/in/dannyvanderkraan


I wrote my first program in GWBasic. It was a program to teach my baby sister how to calculate simple sums. Things went worse from then on.  I acquired illegal copies of Visual Basic 6 and developed quite an appetite for developing. After highschool I attended college where I got my bachelor degree in commercial IT. It’s basically a study that combines businessprocesses and software development, splashed with a little bit of knowledge about technical infrastructures. I have worked the longest (6.5 years actually) as software developer (scrum master) for the first line health care branche. A very cool period of my life, because it makes you feel relevant to society in a small way. Currently I am a member of a development team engineering really cool solutions on the cutting edge of technology.


I work with C#.NET as my main language. At Sound of Data we work with distributed systems and the technical complexities that come with it. We build SOA architectures with NServiceBus. We develop awesome dashboards with ASP.Net MVC, HTML5, CSS3 and any javascript library we need.  I am currently obsessed with Agile Scrum and everything this can ’cause in an organisation to happen. You want a working increment every week, so you’ll need Continuous Integration and Delivery. You don’t want to build up Technical Debt so you’ll need to look into automated unit/integrationtests. To make sure the architecture can grow in a mature way you’ll need the team to adhere to the SOLID principles and Object Oriënted architecture & design principles.  You want the architecture and the tests combined when you reach a certain level, so you’ll probably want to learn Test Driven Development. And so on, and so forth. It’s a whole chain of improving yourself called ‘Kaizen’ in Japanese and this is something I stand for as one of many software engineers worldwide.

I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface and am beginning to explore all this wonderfull knowledge. So this is the stuff I’ll mostly be blogging about to build up my knowledge base and I hope it can be helpfull to others.


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