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Primer on going serverless with Azure

What is serverless? A good and concise definition can be found here: “Serverless architecture is an approach that replaces long-running virtual machines with ephemeral compute power that comes into existence on request and disappears immediately after use.” ~ Pros … Continue reading

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NDepend 2017: Static Code analyzer for .NET Core

I was excited in June last year about C# MVP Patrick Smacchia’s static code analyser NDepend and you can read about that here. NDepend has a new release and in this blog I’ll highlight the features that interest me the … Continue reading

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ASP.NET Core 1.0: View Components

Synopsis: Child Actions are not even supported anymore and Partial Views are less powerful. Meet ASP.NET Core 1.0’s View Components! Example project to accompany this article can be found here: Intro Child Actions often got you into trouble (if … Continue reading

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ASP.NET Core 1.0: Web API Automatic Documentation with Swagger and Swashbuckle

Synopsis: In this article I will help you with getting automatically generated and interactive documentation going for your ASP.NET Core Web API by using Swagger and Swashbuckle. As of December 23rd upgraded to latest version. We’ll touch the following subjects: … Continue reading

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Realworld example ASP.NET Core 1.0’s Middleware

Synopsis: HTTP Modules and HTTP Handlers are not used anymore with ASP.NET Core 1.0. But what if your web app relies on HTTP Modules/Handlers to function? Well, I had a web application that relied on HTTP Modules and a Handler. … Continue reading

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NDepend and why .Net developers need it

Intro: Let me start this article with mentioning that I had exactly the same sentiments as Henry Cordes in 2009. I was also approached by C# MVP Patrick Smacchia to look at the tool NDepend he developed, and after a … Continue reading

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Static File Caching And Cache-busting In ASP.NET Core 1.0 MVC 6

Caching This is my English version of my original article in Dutch which can be found here. When developing web applications one of the things you will want to do first to improve performance is to cache static files [1] … Continue reading

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