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Realworld example ASP.NET Core 1.0’s Middleware

Synopsis: HTTP Modules and HTTP Handlers are not used anymore with ASP.NET Core 1.0. But what if your web app relies on HTTP Modules/Handlers to function? Well, I had a web application that relied on HTTP Modules and a Handler. … Continue reading

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Real world example of Dependeny Injection

Synopsis: Real world example in which Dependency Injection is used to be able to replace a class without recompiling. Github: Intro I was  trying to wrap my head around Dependency Injection, one of the many practices which helps you … Continue reading

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C# 6 solves magic strings problem

If you haven’t already, download Visual Studio 2015 RC and check out C# 6.0! First thing I am enthousiastic about is the brand new nameof keyword. Create a new  Console Application, name it NewPossibilitiesC6 and add a class named Person. Copy … Continue reading

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