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Tracking code comments with Task List

Intro I discourage the use of code comments (no keep reading please), because they are unmaintainable, don’t force you to write readable code and are often written so poorly that they don’t reveal intent anyway. I’ve written about this a … Continue reading

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Visual Studio Tip of the Week: Block Selection

You can select a whole block of code easily in Visual Studio by holding down the left shift + left alt and then selecting the text with the arrow keys. Imagine you have a variable called “object1” and you would … Continue reading

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Increase productivity with XML documentation

Intro This post was originally a guest blog which you can find: here. Let’s talk about commenting code for a second. I was triggered by this rant to examine how we actually do this on our team. And as … Continue reading

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Improve Your Productivity With Code Snippets

With a combination of hotkeys or via the context menu you can insert pieces of code into your code file, called Code Snippets. They can be used to insert entire methods and or classes, but are used more often to … Continue reading

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